BitCash Introduction

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm with a market capitalization (total market value) of over $68 billion of a $150 billion market. On the 2nd of August a fork was made, kind of like an exact photocopy but with a new team in charge which to the surprise of many quickly reached the third largest market cap. This new cryptographic currency is called Bitcoin Cash. Many simply refer to it as Bitcash though technically it is not.

Our ambitions are to help the crypto community somehow whether it be to provide information, simplify the complexity or build a good enough team to support a currency of our own.

It helps when thinking about bitcoin and bitcoin cash to think of it like something you have seen before and I like to use social networks because I have been using them for 15 years. Right now Bitcoin is like Facebook, its the biggest, has the most number of users and leads the markets. Every day someone watches The Social Network and thinks they can start one too so there are hundreds of competing networks and more starting every day.

Will Bitcoin Cash overtake Bitcoin as the dominant player? What about Etherium with their fancy backers? or crypto currency x that my taxi driver said is a sure thing?

There are so many variables and the truth is nobody knows, for now that is what we are here to explore. So stick around, subscribe and join the conversation to find out more.

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