Bitcoin SV

The second biggest fork of bitcoin after bitcoin cash aka bitcoin sv or satoshis vision just flipped bitcoin cash but how could a coin with half the liquidity of bcash do this?

The simple answer is people think that Craig Wright is “the real satoshi” but if this is true or not just because you invented victoria secret doesn’t mean you end up capturing most of the value.

Bitcoin cash and bitcoin sv are targeting the same people, peer2peer money transfer as close to costless as possible while bitcoin realises it needs to grow but doesn’t need to be the way people transfer value to each other first.

If bitcoin sv does end up overtaking bitcoin as the dominant player in the crypto space I will be surprised but the timing of “the best performing coin of the year” title and all the viral news its getting seems more likely why the price is going up, the classic pump and dump as opposed to any real news worth mentioning.

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