How to Make a Qoin or Two in 30 mins or Less with Zero Startup Costs

Before you read this I highly recommend a new article: Is Qoin a Scam?

First some context then the how to in 30 mins (and to be clear this is 100% illegal so don’t actually do it).

A few short years ago making your own blockchain was hard. Then ethereum came a long with their ERC20 protocol then anyone with some Ethereum and a generator could instantly have a public blockchain, but to transfer you have to pay in “gas” fees depending on how busy the network was.

People used them to “tokenize” everything no matter how stupid the idea seemed within a few years totaling $10.12 billion in cumulative losses. Here is a great article that sorted the scams into 13 categories

Fast-forward to today and a new kind of blockchain is gaining popularity called a “private permissioned blockchain” such as Quorum which Qoin uses. It’s private (even hiding transaction from other nodes), permissioned (meaning a node must be invited) and still a blockchain because it is literally a soft fork of Ethereum (meaning you can use the same tools like wallets, block explorers, smart contracts, etc). You no longer have pesky miners to deal with because you are using something like RAFT consensus instead of Proof of Work. And the best part for scammers, unlike a public blockchain where anyone can go to a block explorer like and see who owns the most tokens, how many transactions, etc permission needs to be given keeping your blockchain private and away from the usual scrutiny. Oh plus they can put JP Morgan and Microsoft logos to paint a facade of legitimacy plus catch some blockchain/bitcoin buzz!

History lesson over here is how to get your very own private permissioned blockchain (just like Qoin) functioning in less than 30 mins for free.

Go to and click “Try for free” -> Signup. Now go to and click “Watch a demo” a great 8 min video walking you through the setup process including how to find a smart contract.

Private block explorer

Now you need some wallet software, Qoin used whis has open source iOS and Android GitHub repositories you can use, just add some logos and connect your endpoint.

Time for some marketing, I recommend this funny guide

Sprinkle in some randomly generated numbers that makes the price always go up but not to suspiciously (have a couple down days a month like this, call it “the algorithm” and if anyone asks to explore your blockchain tell them some bs story like “the enterprise blockchain route was chosen to protect merchant data”.

Take the cash from selling packages, blocks, investments whatever you decided to call them, use it as a reserve to rig an exchange, try and expand internationally and it’s time to bro down on the Gold Coast!

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