Bitcoin Gold Money Grab

Have you ever wondered how Bitcoin forks make money? Sure they get their Bitcoin equivalent in their new version but that is pennies compared to what they end up with. After the folk happens there are no external miners allowed to collect the 1,800 Bitcoins a day ( generated so the creators claim them all […]

Bitcoin Cash

Why is my Bitcoin Cash doing so bad?

Bitcoin has gone upĀ +73.23% in the last month while bitcoin cash (BCH) has lost over $80 a coin so why are my free bitcoin cash coins doing so badly? Firstly you have to remember that bitcoin has been around since 2009, 8 years, and bitcoin cash is only two and a half months old. BCH […]

Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash

Airdrop for Marketing: Hard forks

Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention. It is the first large scale, peer to peer, open-source database but unlike most databases where the main function are Create, Read, Update and Delete blockchains only allow create and read. With the addition of strong cryptography this allow you to show your username (public key) while not worrying that […]