bitcoin cash doing bad

Why is my Bitcoin Cash doing so bad?

Bitcoin has gone up +73.23% in the last month while bitcoin cash (BCH) has lost over $80 a coin so why are my free bitcoin cash coins doing so badly?

Firstly you have to remember that bitcoin has been around since 2009, 8 years, and bitcoin cash is only two and a half months old. BCH was an attempted coup of sorts attempting to use mining power as a strategy to swing the balance of power which has clearly failed. However they did secure listings on many exchanges so it was not a complete failure also holding at 4th most valuable coin by market cap behind ethereum and ripple.

Yet Bitcoin remains dominant at 54.6% of all crypto market caps and now they have matured enough to know the promise of returning micro transactions to bitcoin was not worth more than bitcoin itself.

Good luck to the bitcoin gold team, the simple fact that you added gold to a brand leads me to believe you are Chinese and think that is uniquely chinese way of innovating that the rest of the world considers rubbish. Who knows maybe you can convince large populations of poor gold worshiping $10.01 a day earners to buy your dog shit and call it a success? who am I to say you cant lol.

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