bitcoin election 2020

Trump or Biden winning 2020 better for Bitcoin?

In other words is a roaring stock market and businesses doing well or is someone who made so many promises to buy votes better for bitcoin? The answer might surprise you.

If you think bitcoin is more like gold that it is to USD then that means inflation is the friend of bitcoin and if the team that bought votes and now has to pay for it, not by taxing but inflating the currency wins then bitcoin will boom.

As a non-US citizen and sick of hearing Trump this Trump that from waaaaay too many people I can understand why Trump fatigue is a real thing, and who wants another 4 years of that right? but at the same time the rational side of my brain says he really had done a better job than the opposite team who charges the countries credit card like its going out of fashion (which I truly believe that they think) like they have to be over prepared for any eventuality, have every color combination os shoes, clothes, make up just in case then justify it as a cost of doing business vs “drop the price by 30% then call me” which we have now.

The best thing for bitcoin is a Democrat victory for sure, they will throw so much on the countries maxed out credit card to galvanize the votes they were willing to pay for with promises but will it do the US any good? No. Will it create so much excess money supply and inflation that bitcoin will moon? Yes. But will it be good for the health and wellbeing of you and me? No. Maybe the mental health but if you can suck it up for another 4 years you will be fine and much better off.

It is counter-intuitive but the worst team is the best team for bitcoin because they will run the best country into the ground so hard the tidal wave with send bitcoin to the moon but what happens to everyone else?

If Trump wins, its game on. If Trump loses, its relax and appreciate. Bitcoin is going up either way but do you want to earn it or cash in on the Titanic sinking?

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