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Bitcoin at 10000 again

Bitcoin is at 10000 again and of course the internet is freaking out. What is most interesting is that the oscillating “altcoins” seem to be in a frenzy to drum up buzz for their respective projects be they greener/better/smarter or just more ambitions in the Bernie Madoff/wolf of wall street style.

Bitcoin 10k for many of us is a long awaited return but only half of what we had before in terms of USD value.

It still blows my mind that project that are based on building a better database for others to leverage marketing to sell their whitelabel database are still alive, let alone the second most popular application of the hyped “blockchain”.

Bitcoin may now go up or down because of macro economic forces getting out of control yet so many people think it is inferior. Why? because it uses too much power… If you use more power increasing your lifespan from 60 years old to 80 years old are you inferior? I would argue not. In a world where power almost entirely from a giant ball of burning gas far far away using less of that energy is lazy rather than evil as many would have you believe.

Bitcoin has a job to do and just like an unpopular president with many opponents trying to flip him off, bitcoin will grind, holding true to it;s hard coded values and not use the latest trendiest thing as a weapon to overthrow the champion because all that talk is noise.

Think of everything that is not bitcoin as a moon revolving around the earth and if you are a trader this is the best news ever but if you have a life outside of cryptocurrencies this is a much better way of thinking about the future of the space.

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