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Bitcoin Price Up or Down?

Most of the time when someone hears about bitcoin it is because of its stella rise and not because it is a something something new money lol.

In the most simple terms it is the world’s largest read write database running on the most secure network. Why is having the most secure network important and not the world’s largest? Because it is bit cash, get it. If your wallet could change it’s atomic structure because a small group of people decided cash takes up too many atoms and we need half of them to give to someone else that might be an issue.

But having a secure spreadsheet written in ink that only goes one way has value, especially when the math is done instantly and checked by thousands (unlike that an actual ink ledger).

The value of this digitized ink ledger really becomes apparent when the old currencies start increasing their supply. Not noticeable immediately because they tend to pass the new supply to those who have a long to-do list unlike the poor who think about spending money 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year with occasional breaks to vent their frustrations.

What I am trying to say is giving money to those who already have enough is predictable, giving it to those who always need more is less predictable. Therefore as a result of the money printer go brrr the effects take time to play out in the general economy, perhaps a lot of time.

So will the price of bitcoin go up or down? Up obviously. In the short term from some of that extra money buying space on the world most secure spreadsheet (small compared to the ancient ink ones) and even more once the extra money wiggles it’s way into the money supply just slower than us bit believers want.

In the meantime do what you do best, upskill, learn, share knowledge and tune your plan A-Z in the pursuit of peace of mind.

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