Will Bitcoin be like cash?

No. Short answer but it’s the truth.

Bitcoin is more like a spreadsheet that keeps the history of every cell than cash which keeps none of that.

Many countries have voluntarily become cashless with visa and mastercard being offered with contactless and chips for free and when you need to do one action instead of calculating exactly how many notes and coins make up $xxx.xx which has lead to the propication of terminals like in McDonalds for example.

If you know what you want to order, and you do it every day, you should get priority because you don’t want to stand in line next to a chinese trying to use alipay QR codes or a first timer who doesn’t even know what they want to order yet.

Is bitcoin cash the solution? Ha, No. That’s bitcoin if you started again with a new variables changed. That’s like saying “if you use Argentine pesos you can stand in the VIP line”, some people will do that but not many.

Cash needs the anonymous factor which you can really only get from bearer instruments like gold or physical cash assuming they didn’t get hit with a dye pack or lightly irradiated notes.

There is the idea that you can make a one time private key that can be transferred via bluetooth and this I like but as I learned trying to add parental control apps on my girlfriends android phone, it is far too easy to hack and open source software like android or in this case trusted hardware especially if the reward is the ultimate expression of freedom aka cash.

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