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Bitcoin just in case or Altcoins just in time?

If an altcoin does magically invent a new solution to the biggest problem that faces massively distributed databases AKA a blockchain, that is not where there endeavor ends, they then have to defend themselves from competition from other altcoins and the big boy bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a just in case (the world fiat money system fails) and you need to pay someone in gold but don’t want to wait weeks and the distinct possibility that someone in the chain will steal it.

Money printers all over the world go brrrrr to the tune of trillions with a T and what they have to show for it still doesn’t look so great so units of wealth that don’t require permission are looking pretty good right now.

Altcoins boom in good times as bitcoin booms in golds good times but just like land, this who bought large patches of land dirt cheap because nobody saw potential bitcoin is banking on those characteristics. Not many people saw the potential of a cloud database to read and write entries and nobody really knows of cares who is the admin but the ramifications of this now existing are far reaching and creatively destructive.

A key characteristic of altcoins is they always arrive just in time, like a populist politician who decides where to be based on where most people are looking normally amplified by the number of cameras in a place bitcoin is just as flexible as altcoins but has the history and narrative that can not be replicated in an instant.

Altcoins look great on paper and attract attention like a young hot girl, but give them a few crypto-years and they will age faster than Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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